About City
An English traveller of the 1830s has beautifully written that Ramgarh "…is singularly striking and seems to give reality to a vision drawn from eastern romance. The buildings are all constructed from kunkur [gravel] grey hardpan, …numerous handsome houses of the seths [businessmen] some of which are on a magnificent scale, ornamented and painted in various devices outwardly; the neat high wall and gateways and the cupolard chhutrees [cenotaphs] in the suburb in contrast with the desert around, altogether exhibit a scene deserving to be allied with enchantment."[citation needed] But that was more than a century and a half back. Now the town clearly shows signs of aging. However, that doesn’t make Ramgarh less interesting; old is beautiful. and in any case, Ramgarh boasts of more paintings than any other town in Shekhawati.[citation needed]
As Ramgarh was the richest town of India till 19th century and has most beautiful structures like opulent Havelies,Cenotaph(Chatri),Temples etc. which gives great example of ancient art and architect of India,but the town losing these beautiful structures as well as ancient art and architect of India due to various reasons and they requires instant attention otherwise we will lose them forever.To save these structures- Mr.Anand Pachlangia took an initiative and make a website http://www.ramgarhshekhawati.com/ or http://www.rswt.in/ , in which he explore the town Ramgarh, which helps to create an awareness for these heritage sites.